Trump Supporters Calling for Removal of Mueller and Rosenstein

Mueller’s friendly relationship with former  Comey should disqualify him from leading the investigation.

President Trump’s associates and supporters are calling for removal of Mueller and Rosenstein from the the Russia investigation

Washington Examiner reported:

President Trump and his allies have turned their fire on the special counsel overseeing the Russia investigation and even the deputy attorney general who appointed him, raising questions as to how the president plans to navigate a potential obstruction of justice probe while openly sparring with his Justice Department.

Personal associates and allies of Trump argued he should fire Mueller and Rosenstein for different reasons.

For example, Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, argued that Mueller’s friendly relationship with former FBI Director James Comey should disqualify from him leading an investigation into whether Trump obstructed justice by terminating Comey.

“Get rid of Mueller. He is dirty. He created all kinds of problems,” Gohmert said on Tuesday.

Newt Gingrich, a close adviser to Trump during the presidential race, claimed on Thursday that Mueller had set up a “dragnet” designed to catch the president in some form of obstruction.

And on Friday, Roger Stone, a longtime friend of Trump’s, encouraged the president to remove both Mueller and Rosenstein “for wasting the taxpayers’ money.”

Trump himself first took aim at Mueller and Rosenstein, though not by name, in a tweet Wednesday that described the leaders of the Russia investigation as “some very bad and conflicted people.”

The president’s legal team struggled Friday to explain Trump’s claim that he is “under investigation” for removing Comey after Trump fired off a series of tweets that called the special counsel’s investigation a “witch hunt.”

A source close to the team led by Marc Kasowitz, Trump’s outside counsel, told the Washington Examiner that Trump intended only to address reports that the Russia investigation had broadened to include an obstruction inquiry, but stressed that the president never aimed to confirm the existence of such a probe.

The White House this week stayed silent on whether Trump’s thinly veiled attacks on Mueller marked a change in strategy for dealing with an investigation that has mushroomed into a massive problem for his administration. And the source close to the president’s legal team declined to specify whether Trump had received advice on how to talk publicly about Mueller and instead called attention to “anonymous, illegal leaks” related to the probe.

Trump’s turn toward undermining the credibility of his special counsel would not be without historical precedent.

Faced with an independent counsel probe that had crept into matters unrelated to the underlying scandal, former President Bill Clinton and his allies took to criticizing investigators, accusing the independent counsel of leaking for political reasons and questioning whether the independent counsel was conflicted by his outside ties.”



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