Trump to Toyota: Make America the GREAT CAR CAPITAL Again!

“We want to be the car capital of the world once again, and we are taking steps to achieve that goal.”

President Trump reiterated his commitment to bring manufacturing back to America in a letter supporting Toyota’s new $1 billion headquarters in Texas.

Washington Examiner reported:

President Trump praised Toyota’s opening of its new $1 billion headquarters in Texas this week, vowing to make the U.S. the “car capital” of the world again by cutting “industry-killing” environmental regulations and “job-crushing” taxes.

“My administration is devoted to a new future,” Trump told the company in a July 5 letter signed by the president and obtained by the Washington Examiner. “We want to be the car capital of the world once again, and we are taking steps to achieve that goal.”

The Japanese automaker’s U.S. headquarters was opened in Plano on Thursday. Jim Lentz, president of Toyota North America, said he appreciated the president’s support “of our continued commitment to investing in the U.S. and sustaining American jobs.”

Lentz said the opening of the new headquarters marks an “extraordinary next step in Toyota’s 60-year journey in the United States,” Lentz said. “With team members from four different companies together in one campus location, we believe this will inspire greater collaboration, innovation and faster decision making as we turn to and lead the future of mobility, all with an eye on our customers.”

Toyota is a leader in the sale of medium-sized sedans such as the Camry, as well as the more fuel-efficient Corolla and hybrid-electric Prius. It is the only company in the country to offer a hydrogen-powered sedan, but only in select states.

Trade groups representing Toyota, General Motors and Ford had succeeded in getting Trump to roll back tighter fuel economy standards made by the Environmental Protection Agency under the Obama administration. The Obama EPA had decided to move ahead with the next phase of strict fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards for light-duty cars without giving the automakers enough time to respond to the decision. The Auto Alliance argued that customer demand is too low for the vehicles required to be built under the rules, making the more stringent regulations harder to meet.

Trump said the administration is “working tirelessly to eliminate industry-killing regulations, to lower job-crushing taxes and to ensure a level playing field for all American companies and workers,” the letter read.

Trump also praised the opening of the Plano headquarters as part of the company’s plan to invest $10 billion in manufacturing over the next five years, including the April announcement to build a $1.3 billion plant in Kentucky.

“Bringing manufacturing back to America, after years of watching our jobs shipped off to faraway lands, is one of my top priorities as president,” Trump wrote.

The Trump letter was not distributed by the White House, but given directly to the company. A White House spokeswoman said a statement signed by the president was sent to the company on the eve of the Toyota opening on Thursday. The letter won’t be posted on the White House website until later Friday.”

Do you agree Trump is committed to bring manufacturing back to America?

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