Trump Warned Oprah 27 Years Ago What Would Happen To America If…

Long before Mr. Trump officially kicked off his epic 2016 campaign and became the Republican frontrunner, Oprah asked the business tycoon about his political aspirations on a 1988 episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” Trump had appeared on the show to promote his new book and discuss his life as a businessman, but the conversation soon turned toward foreign policy and how Trump would take a tougher stance with America’s allies.

Trump warned Oprah that if things kept getting worse in this country, he would step in and run for President of the United States….and we’re SO GLAD HE DID!

Take a look at what he had to say:

“I’d make our allies pay their fair share. We’re a debtor nation; something’s going to happen over the next number of years in this country, because you can’t keep going on losing $200 billion,” he said. “We let Japan come in and dump everything right into our markets… They come over here, they sell their cars, their VCRs. They knock the hell out of our companies. And, hey, I have tremendous respect for the Japanese people. I mean, you can respect somebody that’s beating the hell out of you, but they are beating the hell out of this country. Kuwait, they live like kings… and yet, they’re not paying. We make it possible for them to sell their oil. Why aren’t they paying us 25 percent of what they’re making? It’s a joke.

It seems that he has had the same vision of America for nearly 30 years!

We’re so glad he got elected and is truly keeping his promises to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!


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