U.S. Military releases photos from the CLOSE CALL with Russian fighter jet

On Friday, the United States Military released shocking new images of a Russian fighter jet coming within 5 feet of a United States Reconnaissance aircraft over the Baltic Sea earlier this week.

US officials told Fox News that the armed Russian plane approached the American aircraft “rapidly” and in a “provocative” manner before flying away. The official also said that there have been more than 35 interactions in the Baltic Sea region between U.S. and Russian jets and warships since June 2nd, but the incident Monday morning is notable because the U.S. military considered it “unsafe”.

More from Sean Hannity:

The photographs depict a Russian SU-27 rapidly approaching an American RC-135 U spy plane, coming within five feet of the American Aircraft. The fighter appears off one wing, disappears underneath the reconnaissance plane, then reappears off the other wing.

According to the Russian defense ministry, the US plane “swerved” towards the Russian jet, causing the near collision.

Intercepts between the United States and Russia are common place, but the recent incident was considered particularly dangerous “due to the high rate of closure speed and poor control of the aircraft during the intercept,” said US Air Force officials.

Here are the images:

Thank God that nothing came out of this. If Putin perceives any acts of aggression from the United States, there’s no telling what he would do next. He is already unhappy that President Trump keeps messing up his plans in Syria.

Hopefully peace between our two countries will continue.


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