Ukraine Police Investigating US Embassy Explosion as Terrorism

Can’t blame the Ukrainian police for being more cautious than the US embassy.

Ukrainian police are reportedly considering the explosive device over the fence of the U.S. embassy in Kiev as terrorism.

The Washington Times reported:

“Although the U.S. embassy in Kiev denies an explosive device thrown over the fence just after midnight Wednesday evening was a terrorist act, the Ukrainian police are not so sure. There were no injuries in the blast. U.S. officials consider the explosion too small to be considered terrorism.

“We can confirm that there was a security incident involving a small incendiary device shortly after 12 a.m. June 8 at the Embassy compound,” read the statement posted on the embassy Facebook page Thursday.

“There was no damage to Embassy property. No personnel were injured. All Embassy operations are continuing as normal. At this time, we do not consider this incident a terrorist act,” said the statement, reported the International Business Times.

“The event is properly registered, initiated criminal proceedings under Art. 258 (act of terrorism) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Conducted operational-search measures to establish those involved in the crime,” reads a translated version of the Ukrainian police statement from Thursday.

No group has claimed responsibility and the incident was turned over the the Security Service of Ukraine, or SBU.”

Do you think it was a terrorist act?

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