VIDEO: This guy just won the immigration debate FOREVER using only Gumballs

Immigration author and journalist Roy Beck’s epic presentation is a perfect illustration of how increasing immigration does very little to help the billions of impoverished people of the world. 

Beck contends that the best way to help immigrants is not by allowing them into rich nations, but by helping them where they are.

Think about it:

If we allow the most highly educated people into our country to work and grow their families, those are the very people who have the ability to cause massive positive change in their countries. However, their talents are being brought to our country instead.

A similar illustration can be seen in the world of sports. Right now, most of the NBA’s best players are on 3 or 4 teams in the entire league, which is leaving the other 25+ teams to struggle immensely. These 3-4 teams keep getting better while the others continue in their perpetual losing ways.

In the same way, the United States is often taking in the best and most educated people from these countries, which is actually hurting their home countries. Keep in mind, this is not an “Anti-Immigration” video at all. On the contrary, this is a way to help MORE people across the world using the very talents of these immigrants!

Watch his incredible presentation below:

Throughout his presentation, Beck also explains that even bringing in one million immigrants per year is just a drop in the bucket compared to the billions currently living in poverty. On top of the million we’d bring in, roughly 5 times more people are being born INTO those countries…so we’re really doing nothing on a global scale that can bring massive change.

Watch the entire presentation above and let us know what you think!


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