VIDEO: MSNBC news anchor FALSELY blames Travel Ban for Afghan Robotics Team’s failed entry to the United States

They continue to push against Trump even when it’s wrong!

The  media’s crusade against Donald Trump has gone well beyond out of control. They do anything they can to try and make him look like the bad guy. They create FAKES NEWS and twist real facts to hurt him.

This time however, sheer ignorant reporting is to blame. This MSNBC host blames the Travel ban for the Afghan Robotics team not being allowed entry into the United States. The thing is….Afghanistan isn’t on the list. Scroll down for video.

Daily Caller Reported 

MSNBC’s Katy Tur incorrectly blamed Donald Trump’s travel ban for the visa problems an all-female Afghan robotics team recently dealt with while trying to enter the U.S. for a competition.

The team had their visas denied twice before Trump intervened and granted them entry so that they could attend a national robotics competition.

According to MSNBC anchor Katy Tur, however, the robotics team only had issues entering the country because of Trump’s travel ban.

“Among the teams [at the competition] are six girls from Afghanistan, who nearly didn’t make it after their visa applications were denied not once, but twice,” Tur stated during her show Monday before adding, “The travel ban, after all.”

Unfortunately, Tur is wrong to blame the travel ban for the robotics team’s woes, as Afghanistan isn’t even included on the president’s list of countries with restricted travel.

The six countries affected by the ban are Syria, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, and Libya.

Are you sick and tired of this terrible reporting just in order to hurt Trump?

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