VIDEO: Pelosi goes on another bizarre rant; Says GOP budget “stirs up violence”

Crazy Nancy Pelosi has somehow come to the conclusion that the recently passed GOP budget “stirs up violence”…..for some reason.

Her reasoning is that by funding more military, we’re somehow CAUSING more violence.

Pelosi made the bizarre claim while speaking at an event organized by the American Federation of Teachers, saying the new budget was only concerned with “military might” at the expense of social welfare programs.

Watch below:

“This is a budget that says we do not measure the strength of our country in the health, education, well-being of our people. We only measure it in military might. And you know what that does? It requires more military might,” she said.


Her comments come after nearly 8 months of political violence from HER PARTY…yet she somehow has the audacity to say that this budget is “inciting violence”.

Really, Nancy? REALLY?


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