VIDEO: Sebastian Gorka CALLED OUT CNN Host “You’re in the attacking president Trump business”

They have one mission. Hurt Trump.

CNN has made one thing very clear since Trump took officer, they will do anything they can to attack him. They willingly publish fakes news and twist facts all while touting a “non-bias”. They even went so far as to track down the creator of a harmless GIF video because it was all about Trump.

Sebastian Gorka did what we all want to do. He called them out. “You’re not is the news business anymore. You used to be. You’re in the attacking president Trump business  and it’s sad,” He said calling out a CNN host. Scroll down for more.

Daily Caller Reports

The deputy assistant to President Donald Trump told CNN “New Day” co-host Alisyn Camerota “we’d like you to actually do your job,” while discussing coverage of Donald Trump Jr. and Russia Tuesday.

“We’d like you to actually do your job. You’re not is the news business anymore. You used to be. You’re in the attacking president Trump business  and it’s sad,” Sebastian Gorka said.

Gorka defended the administration against accusations of collusion with Russia and asked Camerota why CNN didn’t have such zeal in covering the missteps and crimes of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

“What about individuals who got half a million dollars to give speeches when their wife was running for president,” asked Gorka. “Why don’t you devote 35 minutes to that?” referring to an interview Monday when Camerota’s co-host Chris Cuomo debated White House adviser Kellyanne Conway for more than 35 minutes.

The New York Times released an article showing Trump Jr. had met with a Russian attorney seeking damaging info on Clinton during the presidential campaign.

Camerota said the reason CNN was more interested in Trump is because “your side won.”

“So if somebody doesn’t win, if they commit a crime it’s irrelevant to national security? How does that work,” he asked. “That is fake news. That’s when you’re selectively choosing what to look at and you downgrade real crimes and don’t look at them.”

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