VIDEO: This Alex Jones/Megyn Kelly promo is everything you thought it would be

Now THAT’S something you’d never thought you’d see

This Sunday, Megyn Kelly is going to air her recent interview with Alex Jones, and the media is losing their collective minds. She is taking a pretty big risk with this interview, especially after looking at the outcry against her by liberals.

This interview promo features a lively debate between Jones & Kelly where they discuss 9/11, Sandy Hook, and Human-Animal hybrids. Oh yes, we didn’t stutter.

Watch and enjoy:

Since Jones is such a controversial figure, Kelly is being absolutely shredded for interviewing him on her program.

Democrats like Chelsea Clinton were NOT happy campers, to say the least…and we think it’s pretty hilarious!!! Here’s what she complained about on Twitter:

More triggered liberals joined in on the bashing:

Isn’t it amazing how liberals have turned on Kelly? Just a few months ago, she was the darling of the media for “standing up” to President Trump.

Now, she is hated by all!


What do you think about this? Is this a smart move for her?

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