VIDEO: Trump rips LIAR Obama; “Keep your doctor’ – lie. ‘Keep your plan’ – lie. It was a lie – directly from the President.”

While speaking with lawmakers on Wednesday, President Trump pulled no punches with his thoughts about the failure that is ObamaCare. In fact, he unloaded on Barack Hussein Obama for lying to the American people.

“‘Keep your doctor’ – lie. ‘You can keep your plan’ – lie. It was a lie – directly from the President.”, said Trump.

He then continued by saying that if the GOP can just get it passed in Congress, he would sign it immediately.

For 7 years you had an easy route. ‘Repeal and replace’, but [Obama] is not going to sign it. I’M going to sign it”, said the President.

Watch below:

Over the past many months, many insurance companies have been pulling out of ObamaCare exchanges because their losing money hand over fist and the numbers are simply not working out.

In case you need a refresher of Obama’s lies, here’s a nifty little montage:

This video below has nothing to do with ObamaCare lies, but it was a HILARIOUS find. Jon Lovitz back in the day called Obama a “fu***ng a**hole” for raising the taxes on the rich:


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