Warriors Coach Steve Kurr breaks his silence about a team White House visit

Apparently, winning heals all wounds. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr is more than willing to have his team visit the White House if they get invited by President Trump, according to the Daily Caller.

Although he and his team have been critical of President Trump over the course of this year, Kerr has said he want to “put all this partisan stuff aside”.

Further more, he said he would “respect the institution” and accept an invitation to the White House.

Here’s more from the Daily Caller:

The 2017 NBA championship winning Golden State Warriors have yet to receive an invitation to the White House, but head coach Steve Kerr said Wednesday that the team would consider it because of the possible positive outcomes that could result from it.

Kerr and players on the team have been avid critics of President Donald Trump since he took office, calling him a blowhard and an asset without the “et.” However, in the wake of his championship win, Kerr seems to have changed his tone.

“I think it could make a statement in a time where there’s so much divide and everybody seems to be angry with each other. It might be a good statement for us to go,” he said. “And to show that, ‘Hey, let’s put this aside, put all this partisan stuff aside and personal stuff aside, respect the institution.’”

“I do think there’s something to respecting the office, respecting our institutions, our government.”

Are you happy to see this? We certainly are. We truly believe that dialog and conversation is the key to progress in our country. Instead of “boycotting” a White House visit, it’d be much better to actually speak to President Trump and see if we can work together on something.

This is an encouraging sign, and we hope it turns out well!

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