WATCH: Anti-Trump protesters get RUDE AWAKENING from pissed off Biker

Liberal protesters got a nasty surprise after they decided to LAY DOWN in the middle of the street with “RIP” signs to oppose Senate’s revised ObamaCare repeal bill.

Right in the middle of their protest, a pissed-off Biker was NOT going to put up with their antics, and he scared the s**t out of them!

Watch this epic moment below:

Democrats in Congress have been trying to position this bill as a “Death Bill”, which is why these liberal protesters are taking such extreme measures. The truly ironic part about this entire protest is that THEIR bill – ObamaCare – is a disaster that is hurting millions of Americans on a daily basis.

So, why in the hell are these Democrats not protesting the failure that is OBAMACARE? Nearly every big insurance company in America is PULLING OUT of the ObamaCare program, and everyday Americans are being hurt.

Sadly, these protesters are trained and conditioned to oppose anything and everything that President Trump does, no matter how good it may be for the country.

What has our world come to?

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