WATCH: CNN’s Jeff Zucker gets CONFRONTED by James O’Keefe about their Russia coverage

This week, James O’Keefe has released two incredible damaging videos about CNN’s coverage of the “Russia Investigation” that have gone mega viral on the internet.

In one video, a CNN producer openly admitted that the whole Russia story was “bulls**t”, but they were told to keep pushing the story for ratings. In the other video, CNN contributor Van Jones can be seen saying that the Russia story is a “big nothing-burger”.

Now, James O’Keefe is trying to confront CNN boss Jeff Zucker face-to-face, but the interaction was cut short by Zucker’s cowardly ways.

Watch the confrontation below:

“How are you? Do you have a comment sir about the Russia story?” asked O’Keefe as Zucker quickly fled his residence.

The CNN executive was ushered in to waiting car and fled, without so much as looking at the independent reporter.

“That was pretty cowardly there wasn’t it? That was pretty cowardly,” O’Keefe said after Zucker made his rushed escape.

Are you surprised that Zucker didn’t want to talk? We aren’t the least bit surprised. After being thoroughly embarrassed by O’Keefe’s expose’s, we wouldn’t want to talk either.

We hope and pray that the demise of CNN is near. They are a true enemy of the American people!

In case you missed his two video Exposé’s, here they are again:

Part 1:

Part 2:


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