WATCH: Former Chief of Staff slams Comey leaking classified info; Even WORSE than what Hillary did…

On Monday, Fox News’ Bill Hemmer interviewed Former White House Chief of Staff John Sununu after it was reveled that James Comey’s leaked memos contained classified information. Sununu slammed the former FBI director, saying that the intentional leaking of classified information to the media is a violation of the law.

“The unpredictable consequences of these kinds of investigations might come back to bite Comey really hard,” said Sununu. “First of all just releasing the memo, whether it was classified or not, is a violation of department rules and if he even spoke about material that was classified to his leak, that’s a violation of the law.

About halfway through the video, Hemmer takes Sununu on a flashback to when Comey criticized Hillary and her team for being “extremely careless” when it came to handling classified information. After being shown the clip, Sununu said that Comey’s actions were even WORSE because he admitted to doing it ‘intentionally”.

Watch below:

According to a report by The Hill over the weekend, more than half of the private memos written by former FBI Director James Comey about his encounters with President Trump contained classified information.

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