WATCH: Here’s the “Sad CNN” moment that the whole world is laughing at

As the election results showed Republican Karen Handel handily beating Democrat Jon Ossoff in the special election in Georgia, CNN analysts looked absolutely devastated. (And yes, the internet took notice)

Although the final result wasn’t official yet, it was clear that the Republican candidate was going to win.

As the panel was awaiting the race to be called, anchor Dana Bash detailed just how devastating this loss was for Democrats. She contended that because this district had “wealthy, educated voters”, the Republicans shouldn’t have won (LOL).

Then, the “SAD CNN” meme was born. Watch below:

Anchor Anderson Cooper moved into a break, but not before the cameras focused on the panel. And this, my friends, spurred an EPIC troll job of CNN on Twitter.

Here are some of the greatest hits:

Fellow Trump supporter….are you tired of winning yet?



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