WATCH: Jedediah Bila made MINCEMEAT of Whoopi Goldberg over gun control (and it was awesome)

Jedediah Bila is a national treasure

Jedediah Bila often finds herself being extremely outnumbered on “The View” because the show has loaded the panel with crazy left-wing nuts.

However, Bila makes is the one person on the panel who actually makes sense…and today’s debate was epic. When Joy Behar and Whoopi were blaming “guns” for the Virginia shooting yesterday, Jedediah Bila brought up AMAZING points about how more guns in that scenario would have actually made them safer.

As expected, the ladies of the View could NOT handle this much common sense being spewed across their airwaves, so things got heated fast.

Watch the exchange below:

Wasn’t this AWESOME! Love seeing Whoopi get put in her place!


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