WATCH: Judge Judy slams Johnny Depp’s assassination joke; “Probably no legal ramifications, but…

Judge Judy was none too pleased with Johnny Depp after he suggested he wanted to assassinate President Trump. Sadly, she doesn’t see any legal ramifications for him, but she still thinks his joke was in extremely “poor taste”.

TMZ caught up with the Judge in West Hollywood on Thursday night as she and her husband were leaving Craig’s restaurant. The reporter asked her if Depp’s joke violated the law. She didn’t think Depp will be in any legal trouble but she raised the issue of “taste”.

I don’t know if there are any legal ramifications, but there’s good taste and bad taste“, said the Judge. The TMZ reporter brought up the fact that Depp was out of the country when telling this joke, and Judge Judy said it’s still “bad world taste.”

Watch below:

All we can hope is that Depp WILL get a call from the Secret Service. Hollywood can’t keep acting like it’s okay to threaten the life of a sitting President.

In case you missed it, here is Johnny Depp’s terroristic threat against President Donald Trump:

What do you think? Will anything happen to Depp?


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