WATCH: MSNBC cuts Lindsey Graham’s audio when he mentions Clinton campaign meeting with Russians

Apparently MSNBC and the liberal media are incapable of letting their audience know that Hillary Clinton might have ever done something controversial.

While their entire news cycle has been focused on TRUMP’S “connections” with Russia, MSNBC cut away from Lindsay Graham when he briefly mentioned that Hillary Clinton’s campaign may have met with Russians, too. His audio was working perfectly fine when referring to Trump, but MSNBC simply couldn’t accept anything negative about Hillary being said over their airwaves.

Watch below:

It’s been very frustrating to hear about a new meeting every couple of weeks. I’m sure they met with a lot of people during the campaign, I’m sure the Clinton campaign met with a lot of…..” – and then the audio cut out.

Isn’t that mighty convenient for “PMSNBC”?


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