WATCH: Old video surfaces where Hillary ADMITS to speaking with foreign leaders about stopping Trump

For all the fake news “hoopla” surrounding President Trump and his “ties” to Russia, the media seems to be awfully quiet about Crooked Hillary’s ties to foreign governments.

Old video footage has re-surfaced from a Town Hall last year in which Crooked Hillary ADMITS to speaking with Foreign leaders about how to stop Trump from becoming President.

Isn’t this what the media would call “COLLUSION”????

Watch below and decide for yourself:

I’m already receiving messages from leaders. I’ve had foreign leaders ask if they can endorse me to help stop Donald Trump“, said Crooked Hillary.

So if foreign leaders were contacting her and offering help to stop Trump, how in the HELL is that not considered “collusion”??? This is just another sad example of the disgusting double standard that exists in our media today.


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