WATCH: Real-life voters tell Democrats what they REALLY think about their ‘Russia’ obsession

On Wednesday, CBS aired a segment of a Frank Luntz focus group where he asked real-life voters about the whole “Russia Conspiracy”…and their answers should scare the HELL out of Democrats.

As you know, the Democrats are absolutely obsessed with Russia. They truly believe that Russia changed the election and helped Donald Trump win. Furthermore, they think that Trump worked WITH the Russians to sway the election. Sadly, (for them), there is not a shred of evidence of collusion OR a successful hacking attempt!

When asked to weigh in on the Russia investigation, the group seemed to unanimously agree that it is all one big waste of time.

Take a look at this amazing moment below:

Keep in mind, this focus group was made up entirely of Trump supporters, but their thoughts aren’t all that uncommon. Most reasonable people agree with what this group is saying, and the Democrats should take note.

Now, the question is whether they WILL or WON’T change their actions based on this information. If there’s one thing I know about Democrats, it’s that they are stubborn as hell, so I don’t see them giving up on this narrative any time soon.

What do YOU think? Will they ever give up on it?


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