WATCH: Tomi’s first ad with her new employer exposes the WITCH HUNT against Trump

In a brand new video with her new employer, Tomi Lahren unloads democrats and the political elite who are carrying out a witch hunt against President Trump – and she didn’t hold back at all.

As a new member of “Great America Alliance”, Tomi breaks down the independent counsel that was selected to oversee the Russia investigation and it will open your eyes to the disgusting corruption that is STILL going on in Washington.

Watch the new video below:

Tomi starts off the video by ripping James Comey for leaking classified documents in hopes of beginning an investigation into “obstruction of justice”. Sadly, she points out that his scheme WORKED…and then his best bud Robert Mueller was selected to head the investigation.

To make matters worse, Mueller hired former Obama & Clinton donors to oversee different aspects of this investigation…yet they still say it’s going to be a “fair” investigation. (Yeah, right)

We’re glad to see Tomi back at it again. We need her more than ever to help expose the Washington swamp and help us make America great again!!!


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