WATCH: Tucker shreds Democrat who compares Christian values to WHITE NATIONALISM

Former DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse compared Christian values to “white nationalism” during a recent interview and Tucker Carlson simply couldn’t take it anymore.

“He said it was a speech about western civilization and Christian values. Those two phrases put together is a dog-whistle for white nationalism”, Woodhouse said.

After a brief back and forth, Tucker simply couldn’t help himself and shot back saying “What the HELL are you talking about?

Watch Tucker shred him in epic fashion:

Let’s stop with the propaganda … let’s just deal with the text of the speech,” Carlson said. “If you’re a leader of western civilization you ought to believe it’s superior.”

Tucker then asked Woodhouse if he believed other cultures Saudi Arabia were superior to western culture.

“I can’t say that because I don’t believe some of the things you’re saying. I don’t believe that people are bringing sharia law into the United States,” Woodhouse responded. “I don’t think the only people who are worthy of being American or being in western civilization are Christian.”

Woodhouse continued by denouncing the Trump presidential campaign’s position on immigration and accusing the president of giving “a white nationalist speech in public.”

“You know what, stoking the fires of race hatred with an overstatement like that will not end well at all,” Tucker said.

In our humble opinion, crazy Democrats like this are going to practically GUARANTEE Trump’s re-election in 2020! By constantly spewing false allegations like this, they are losing credibility by the day.

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