WATCH: U2 holds a moment of silence for Steve Scalise during concert in Maryland

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise received a heartwarming dedication at a recent U2 concert when frontman Bono asked for a moment of silence for the Congressman.

Speaking to a packed arena in Maryland, Bono asked for a moment of silence for Scalise.

You’ve been through some troubling days here with the shooting in Alexandria,” Bono told the crowd. “We are so grateful that Congressman Scalise and his comrades made it through. So grateful. We hold them up, as love holds us all up.

Watch below:

In our opinion, other liberal celebrities should take some notes from Bono. Right after the election, Bono was extremely respectful to Mike Pence when they met, and now he is honoring a Republican congressman.

Sadly, we live in a political climate where many Democratic strategist and liberals on Twitter have actually PRAISED this shooting against Scales. MSNBC’s Joy Reid even suggested that he deserved it because he is a “racist homophobe”.

Having said that, it’s SO refreshing to see this unity from Bono! He just gained a LOT more respect from me.

Are you happy to see Bono’s dedication?

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