This video from 1990 proves that Trump’s hatred for CNN runs DEEP

He’s ALWAYS hated CNN

Apparently, CNN has been lying and putting negative spins on stories for many many years! It’s truly a miracle that they’re still on the air. To our satisfaction, we just came across an old video from 1990 where Trump puts a CNN reporter in a body bag after he started spinning the interview in a negative fashion.

Trump abruptly ended the interview and the reporters had no idea what to do. Trump removed his mic and handed it back to the liberal reporter. Needless to say, CNN was STUNNED! Trump was NOT going to put up with this BS any longer.

Watch below:

We’re so glad to call him our President! This video is jus more proof that hr has stood up to the liberal media for many years, and he will continue to do so!

Share this everywhere to expose the long term media bias that we’ve had to put up with!


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