WATCH: Whoopi Goldberg is DELUSIONAL about Ossoff’s loss, “I don’t see it that way”

Whoopi Goldberg has a very interesting take on Tuesday’s special election in Georgia…

Someone needs to get ahold of Jon Ossoff and let him know. According to Whoopi he didn’t lose! In an unsurprising segment on “The View”, Whoopi Goldberg refuses to accept the loss (Along with many other left-wing nut jobs, see Rachel Maddow)

Watch this:

You might ask; What exactly is Whoopi’s gauge for success?

Whoopi’s reasoning is: “I see, that Democrats are coming out. And they’re not coming out perhaps in the numbers you want ’em to come out in.”

There you have it, folks! If Democrats go out and vote — Any at all — Whoopi will call it a success!

Will the Democrats ever learn? Their strategy of “divide and conquer” no longer works on the American people! We’re tired of the class warfare, and race baiting is so 2016.


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