WOW: Kaepernick LEFT the United States for Independence Day

Anti-American all the way

Colin Kaepernick has made his mark in history as being truly un-American. It all started with him “taking a knee” in protest of our national anthem. This act alone has left his career in utter ruin and future in football unclear.

If there was any shot for him to redeem himself, that all went out the window over our Independence day when he spoke out against the celebration and hopped on a plane to Ghana. He left to find his own independence. Boy, this country has sure treated him unfairly by giving him an opportunity to make all that money playing football… Ugh. Scroll down for more details.

According to The Score,

While the NFL world continues to debate whether Colin Kaepernick remains a free agent because of his national anthem protests, the quarterback is focused on learning more about his heritage.

Kaepernick – who’s of mixed race and was raised by adoptive parents in Milwaukee – posted a clip Tuesday of his visit to Ghana, along with a caption that takes issue with the Fourth of July celebrations in the U.S.

Kaepernick’s biological father’s ancestors are from Ghana and Nigeria, which the 29-year-old discovered last year using a DNA test.

Do you think he should stay in Ghana so he can APPRECIATE all of the freedoms he seems to hate so much back in the States?


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